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    How to care for your glass furniture.

    Use a dampened towel and wipe the glass to remove any excess dirt and grime before using a glass cleaner. The easiest way to clean glass is to use glass cleaner and paper towels or a lint-free towel. A good glass cleaner purchased from your local grocery store or department store will usually do the job.

    Be sure to change out towels as they get damp or dirty as this will help prevent streaking. Some people use newspaper rather than towels.

    Never use glass cleaner on any surface other than glass. The chemicals can damage metal finishes.

    Glass care


    Micro-etched glass:

    Removing smudges and minor scratches
    BDI's exclusive micro-etched glass top may appear to have smudges or minor scratches over time. These are easily removed by following these simple steps:

    Use glass cleaner, a Scotch-brite pad and a dry cloth.
    Wet the surface with glass cleaner and lightly buff with a Scotch-brite pad in a circular motion. Then, dry the surface using a clean cloth towel. The glass surface will be restored to its original sheen. Click to view How-To Video.

    Love & Care | Maintenance


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