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    We opened our first Scan Design store with 2 employees.

    In 1967, two young Danes decided to set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

    From a small town in the Danish countryside, they boarded this plane and set off for Miami. After a few stops and bumps along the way, they decided to open a furniture store.

    Preben and Lis boarding a plane in 1967

    The first Scan Design location opened April 4th, 1969 in Winter Park, Florida. 

    Our founders Lis and Preben Knudsen sold furniture by day and delivered it at night. Early on they actually lived in the backroom of the 4,000 square-foot store with their 3 year-old daughter and newborn son. One make-or-break day, this allowed them to stay open past regular closing time and helped to secure an after-hours, rent-saving, sale.

    Today Scan Design boasts over 100 employees and 268,000 square feet of showroom in nine locations across Florida. 

    We are the Southeast's largest retailer of quality, contemporary furniture and still approach the selection the same way we did back in 1969.