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  • Z-Bar Floor Lamp

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    • Ideal for reading in an easy chair or at a counter, Z-Bar Floor Lamp brings the clean, slim design of the Z-Bar® family without the need for a table. Adjustable positions and generous reach provide for a perfect lighting companion.

      Z-Bar Floor is an ultra-thin and flexible floor lamp that fits any room or décor. Need ambient light? Turn the LED head to the ceiling. Need reading light? Pull the LED head down to sofa or chair level. Need no light at all? Fold the LED head against the body and you have a slim, sculptural piece.

      The Z-Bar lamp can be also be special ordered with an optional occupancy sensor that serves to maximize energy efficiency when you have left the room.

      • Built-in touchstrip for multi-level dimming
      • Optional occupancy sensor (available for special order)
      • ENERGY STAR® qualified
      • Three finish options (white*, silver or metallic black)
      • Two light color options (3500k warm or 4500k cool) (*except White: warm light only)
      • LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours
      • 10' cord
      • 42 LEDs
      • 9.5 watts consumption
      • Fully recyclable aluminum and water-based paint
    • 32.7 x 44 x 10 inches