Tono Floor Lamp


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The ultimate mood light! Tono brings a whole new level of decorating to your room or office. Instead of providing standard white light, Tono offers a multitude of colors – including traditional white.

Turn the lamp toward the room and watch the colors change, or turn it toward the wall to splash color on your walls. For those who crave the non-traditional, Tono is the lamp for you, and all of your moods.

Automatically rotate through 1500 colors. Or stop on just one color. Set the lamp to dim the colors, creating a whole new mood level. Tired of the color? Switch to traditional white. You can even choose from warm white (2,700 K) to cool white (8,000 K).


  • White body finish
  • 1,500 combinations of Red, Green, Blue color light
  • Go from warm to cool white light
  • LEDs have a lifespan of 10,000 hours
  • Continuous touch dimming White
  • 10' cord 

Dimensions: 9 x 48.5 x 6.61 inches (overall)
cylinder - 3.9 x 48.5 x 0.92 inches


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Type: Floor Lamp

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