Micki Beyer

/Design Consultant

Micki was born and raised in New York. She attended Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, New York where she excelled in interior design.

Micki moved to Florida in 2000 to be closer to family in south Florida. The Florida tropics have been a natural inspiration for modern coastal design feeding her passion. Micki began working for Scan Design in 2010 providing every clients home their own signature, reflecting the distinctive style and taste that makes them unique. She takes ordinary interiors and transforms them into extraordinary environments. Her clients satisfaction is always the primary goal.

Micki’s creative philosophy has been formed by decades of experience in the field of design.


  • Born and raised in New York.
  • Proficient in accessory design placement.
  • Loves to design custom upholstery for her clients.
  • Follow Micki on Instagram: @mickisinteriors


Instagram: ScanDesignHollywood
Days off: Wednesday & Thursday

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