Marcelo Rizzo

/ Interior Designer

Marcelo has worked in the design industry for over three decades, with award-winning projects across the US and internationally. He graduated as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires; led his own architecture firm in Argentina and was a professor at the University of Buenos Aires for 10 years before accepting an opportunity in Boston. There, he designed mixed-use developments along with urban and vacation homes, played a leading design role in the revitalization of historic districts around New England, lectured at the Boston Public Library and created a high
school-level architectural program in Massachusetts.
His career in media includes more than 600 articles on design for magazines and newspapers, and six consecutive years on a Home Design television show, aired in Latin America and the US. 


  • In South Florida, Marcelo has designed spaces for luxury hotels, condominiums and single family residences.
  • Works on enduring relationships with his clients to create their own tailored, memorable living spaces.
  • Pursues harmony in every space, by using concepts like scale, proportion and rhythm together with texture and color. 
  • Believes in uncluttered, clean spaces, where light plays a leading role in the composition. 


Instagram: ScanDesignBocaRaton1
Days off: Thursday & Friday

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