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  • Marcela Tejedor

    /Interior / Landscape Arch. Designs Consultant

    Catalyst for her transformative work in interior& landscape architectural designs & art; with a deep appreciation for tropical boldness & global styles, Marcela creates sustainable designs that honor tradition while embracing modern aesthetics. Inspired by the beauty of nature & the diverse tapestry of global cultures, Marcela's creations reflect a harmonious balance of functionality, flexibility, & timeless design.

    Marcela’s approach to design is characterized by an understanding of evolving trend & a willingness to adapt to change. Her designs are distinctive & evocative, capturing the essence of different cultures while creating spaces that resonate on a deep level. Through her artistry, Marcela weaves a narrative that engages all senses.


    • While based in SE FL, Marcela has also completed projects in Europe, Russia, S. America, Aspen, N.Y, L.A., Chicago, Greenwich, Boston, FL.
    • Holds A.A. & A.S. in Int. design from MDC; Bachelor in Int. Design & Env. Studies; Master in Landscape Arch. Design & Asian Studies from FIU.
    • Marcela is passionate about hiking, meditation, yoga, volleyball and meeting new people!
    • Loves art & cultural festivals, wine & food events & traveling the world! Follow her on Instagram @Jetset_Lifestyle_Design


    Instagram: ScanDesignNorthMiamiBeach
    Days off: Friday & Sunday

    SCAN DESIGN - North Miami Beach
    3025 N.E. 163rd Street
    N. Miami Beach, FL 33160

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