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  • Eclipse Coffee Table

    4 items left
    • Here is one of the original motion coffee tables: the Eclipse - featuring glass tops with a chrome base. 

      Made in Italy and designed by Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra, the Eclipse coffee table features two synchronized swivel tops - with one fully round and the second having a semi round shape to assure a full overlap of the table tops.  

    • The Eclipse coffee table can be special ordered in any of the available 13 glass and 12 ceramic top options. The base is available in 21 metal finishes, and the metal supports can be finished in any of the available 22 finishes. 

      The Eclipse is stocked as follows: base and supprts in 37 chrome finish with 1/2 inch thick, clear glass tops.

    • 31.5 W x 31.5 L (expands to 48.5 L) x 15.75 H