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  • Fabric Protector

    • Scan Design's Fabric Protector easily and effectively protects furniture with cloth upholstery and other fabrics from stains. The product does not change the material’s natural characteristics, appearance or breathe-ability, and it provides the material with invisible protection. Fabric Protector is for environment- and safety reasons produced with carbon dioxide as a propellant.

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    • Per bottle: 16 fl oz (473ml)

      Primary Ingredients: carbon dioxide, naphtha, hydro treated benzene (<0.1%), silicone

      Click to view Safety Data Sheet.

      For helpful information regarding how to care and maintain your furniture, click here! 

    • Hold container upright while spraying. Spray in an even layer onto the fabric until damp. Clean up spills immediately. Spray distance approx. 10 in. / 25 cm.

      Allow furniture to air and dry for approx. 2 hours at minimum 68°F. / 20°C. If white marks appear on the fabric, wipe off with a well-wrung cloth. Ensure good ventilation in the room if using indoors. 

      Take advantage of Fabric Cleaner before treatment with Fabric Protector. 

      * Always test the product on a non-visible spot.

      * Keep out of reach of children.