Tectonic Dining Table - Heat-treated Oak


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Be prepared to be surprised! The Tectonic dining table offers a unique, almost magical, very-easy-to-operate expansion feature. By simply sliding and lifting the hidden inner leaves stored below the table top, it is possible to expand the table in both length and width to accommodate your dining needs - ultimately seating up to 12 people. The sculptural base further adds style and beauty to this highly functional and artistic piece.

We stock the Tectonic dining table in Heat-Treated Oak top on Matt Graphite metal base. Also available in stock with a top in Wild White Oak on a Matt Graphite metal base, and with a top in Wild Ash Grey Oak on a Matt Graphite metal base. 

Dimensions: 78 W x 39.5 D x 30 H
expanded - 100 W x 54.5 D x 30 H


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