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Bring back the luster of your teak furniture with the use of teak oil. Teak oil is highly recommended in the care and maintenance of teak furniture - to help make it last a lifetime.

Zinolin Teak Oil is made in Denmark. It is a special oil formulated for impregnation and maintenance of oil finished wood surfaces such as teak. The oil underlines the natural color and structure of the wood and protects against drying out.

Apply in a thin layer with a soft cloth and wipe excess oil off after 2 hours.

Contains drying oils, paraffinic oil, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and antioxidants. Color added.

USED FOR: Teak Wood. Follow instructions as shown on the bottle. 

DANGER: Keep out of reach of children. Even though the risk of self-ignition had been reduced to a minimum, cloth used for wiping should be properly discarded after use. 

Per bottle: 8 fl oz


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