Sophie Armchair - White

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The top-rated seating comfort of the Sophie armchair makes it the perfect choice for dining. The armchair was designed using Curved Technology - which is the art of finding the perfect combination of ergonomics and quality materials.

This outdoor dining chair is waterproof and highly weather resistant. The curvature of the seat prevents any standing water. It features conical legs made of aluminum with high-quality resin seating that is easy to clean.

- Ergonomic shape
- Light weight & long lasting
- 100% recyclable material

We stock the Sophie armchair in White with White legs, and is also available in stock in Misty Grey with Grey legs as well as in White with Teak wood legs.

Dimensions (approx.): 23.25 W x 24.50 D x 33 H
arm height: 26.50 inches
seat height: 17.25 inches

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