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  • Skagen Dining Table

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    • Designed by Mother Nature. The Skagen table combines solid Suar wood with a buttery soft finish with a mirror polished stainless base to create a truly stunning design. Each piece is as unique as the tree it came from. Variations in grain are to be expected and appreciated for their one of a kind nature.

      The Suar (Suarina) tree is a non-endangered, non-indigenous, fast growing hard wood tree found in parts of East and South East Asia. Due to its fast growth the trees near a water source like a lake or river grow the fastest and have straighter and less distinctive grain pattern. If the tree grows further away from a regular water source the growth is more twisted with very intense grain pattern and color and many natural features such as holes and fissures.

      The wood from the tree is perfect for the current trend of organic furniture due to the often-wild grain pattern as well as the natural features in the planks.

    • We stock the Skagen dining table in 2 sizes:


      (approximate sizes - varies due to one of a kind pieces)

      The Skagen table is stocked in Suar Wood with a mirror polished Stainless Steel base, as well as in Suar Wood with a Black metal base.

    • 40"D x 84"W x 29.5"H
      40"D x 108" W x 29.5"H