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Roman Fournie

/Interior Designer

Roman was born in Paris, France where he established his love for historic and gothic architecture. Growing up in France allowed for a mix of rustic and refined décor inspired by homes in the French countryside. Later on he moved to Manhattan where his love of modern and classic contemporary design was cemented. His projects catered to designing with exclusive art and sculpture aesthetics to furniture. Lastly his 20 years in Miami has inspired him to lean his design between Art Deco and Chic modern.

Roman has extensive knowledge in both design and visualization, affirming his multi-faceted approach as a designer in the Industry for over 8 years and is well versed with managing everything from small to large scale projects from realtors to developers and everyone in between. Roman is ardent in understanding his client’s needs and vision for their homes and converting that vision into a livable and enlightening living space.


  • Obtained a Bachelors in Science and Communications in Advertising and Graphic Design at the University of Miami in 2000 and followed his studies with a Master’s of Fine Arts in Computer Animation from The Miami International University of Art and Design in 2004.
  • His designs are varied and cultured, adding to his knowledge of industry standards from hotels and restaurants to residences from all over the world, with a touch of modern mixed Green Eco elements.
  • Has worked for a multitude of clients from retail businesses to residential homes as well as industrial projects to real estate developing. He’s skilled in 3D rendering and his well-rounded presentations allow clients to get a clear understanding and feel for his vision for their future design space.


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