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  • Kari Busse

    /Design Consultant

    With 22 years of experience in the fashion industry under her belt, Kari has seamlessly transitioned into the world of furniture and design, bringing with her a wealth of creativity and a unique perspective.

    Kari’s design aesthetic is defined by a harmonious fusion of colors and materials, meticulously curated to craft ambiance and balance in every space she touches. Inspired by the architectural marvels of the West Coast, Kari finds a wealth of creativity that fuels her design journey on the East Coast, infusing her work with a distinctive blend of innovation and sophistication.

    Embracing the principles of both fashion and interior design, Kari continues to make a mark in the industry by transforming spaces into captivating works of art that exude elegance and style.


    • Born in a small town outside of Chicago but lived most of her adult life in Los Angeles.
    • Loves all animals and even started a non-profit dog and cat rescue in 2019.
    • Believes that a persons home should narrate their unique story and showcase the things they love.


    Instagram: ScanDesignNorthMiamiBeach
    Days off: Friday & Sunday

    SCAN DESIGN - North Miami Beach
    3025 N.E. 163rd Street
    N. Miami Beach, FL 33160

    Mon-Fri 10-7
    Sat 10-6
    Sun 12:30-5:30