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Jean Jodar

/Interior Decorator

Jean’s assimilation into the world of interior decorating began while living in Chicago and assisting occasionally at a friend’s showroom at The Merchandise Mart.

Her passion exploded when she relocated to Barcelona, Spain. Her extensive travels inspired her unique style and love for incorporating different styles to balance form, function and budget to create amazing custom design solutions.

“I had worked in the home renovation industry for a number of years so it was a seamless transition to designing with furnishings for interior and exterior spaces. That coupled with my capacity to understand the significance of my clients’ vision for their space that makes what I do so enjoyable.”


  • Jean has over 14 years in the design industry working with clients in Chicago and Southwest Florida.
  • She holds a degree in Interior Decorating from Ashworth College.
  • Born in Wisconsin, Jean has been fortunate to have travelled extensively over the years enjoying along the way the chance to integrate into other cultures.
  • When time allows, Jean enjoys international travel and volunteering here in Southwest Florida with the local Habitat for Humanity.


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