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Inna Talyanker

Design Consultant

Inna's passion for design started when she was studying mechanical engineering which taught her the concepts of style, arrangement, and composition. Since moving to Jacksonville 20 years ago, she has concentrated on pursuing furniture and interior design.

Inna draws inspiration from Floridian design language and contemporary European décor. She believes that her final work should be cohesive as a whole. For Inna, every detail must be accounted for and must be a perfect match for the selected design language. She is satisfied with the final design when it is beautiful, functional, and meets client expectations.


  • Inna has over 20 years of interior design and decoration experience.
  • Designs complete rooms with complimenting pieces and design language.
  • Holds a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and a degree in Interior Design.
  • Born in and received her education in Ukraine.


Instagram: ScanDesignJacksonville
Days off: Wednesday & Thursday

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