Hayworth Mattress


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The Hayworth is a 12 inch thick mattress with 800 Tri-Zoned pocket coils with adaptive memory foam.

The Hayworth mattress offers the following features:

  1. FRESH COMFORT® QUILT: Cooling gel on the surface of the mattress helps maintain an ideal body temperature for healthier sleep.
  2. ADAPTIVE FOAM: Responsive and self-adjusting foam dissipates body heat and delivers powerful support for optimal spinal health.
  3. THICK CUSHIONING FOAM LAYER: Delivers deep, cushioning comfort.
  4. POSTURIZED CENTER SUPPORT: For proper postural alignment.
    WRAPPED COIL INNERSPRING: Reduces partner disturbance.
    High-density foam on all sides of this exceptional edge support system provide a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface with superior support.
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