Hard Surface Cleaner


Zinolin Hard Surface Cleaner is especially formulated for removing of finger marks, dirt, grease and other residues from all glass and wood surfaces. The cleaner is also recommended for cleaning of mirrors, shiny steel and other hard surfaces.

Instructions: Apply with a soft cloth a light amount of Hard Surface Cleaner onto the surface. Then rub the surface with a clean soft cloth or a soft kitchen towels until the desired result is obtained. Very dirty surfaces may require repeated treatment. If the surface is intended to be treated with oil, paint or lacquer; wash the surface afterwards with clean water, and let the surface dry completely before treatment.

Declaration: Hard Surface Cleaner contains water, alcohol, ammonia and anionic surfactants.

USED FOR: glass and some wood surfaces - consult with one of our associates. Follow instructions as shown on the bottle. 

Per bottle: 8.45 fl oz (250ml)


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