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Hailee Lutz

Design Consultant / Sales

Hailee graduated from Valdosta State University with her Bachelor's in Interior Design. Her love for design started at a young age when she helped her parents renovate her childhood home.

After deciding to pursue her degree in Interior Design, Hailee knew that design was what she was meant to do. She worked in the food industry all throughout college which helped her to become the outgoing, personable, and sociable person she is today.

Outside of work, Hailee enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She is also a lover of food, coffee, and her cat, Tux!

Hailee is confident in her space planning and design abilities to help you design a space that you love! Hailee truly enjoys putting smiles on her clients faces.


  • Achieved a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Valdosta State University.
  • Hailee is the only member of her immediate family who did
    not go into the military. (Go Air Force!)
  • Supernatural is Hailee’s favorite TV show!
  • Highly proficient in 3D modeling platforms such as:
    AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Revit.


Instagram: ScanDesignJacksonville
Days off: Wednesday & Thursday

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