Furniture Polish


Zinolin Furniture Polish is an emulsified polish for cleaning and care of polished, varnished or painted furniture - from antique mahogany to modern furniture of laminates. The polish has a high cleaning effect, protects the surface with a dirt and water resistant wax coating and provides a long lasting glossy shine. Suitable for all painted surfaces. Regular wiping with a dusting cloth will maintain the deep gloss.

Instructions: Apply with a soft cloth in a thin layer and rub until all dirt disappears. After 5-15 minutes polish with a soft, clean cloth until bright.

Declaration: Contains non-ionic surfactants, carnauba wax, silicone oil, pure aliphatic hydrocarbons and deionized water.

USED FOR: polished, varnished or painted furniture. Follow instructions as shown on the bottle. 

Per bottle: 8.45 fl oz (250ml)


For helpful information regarding how to care and maintain your furniture, click here! 

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