Ed O'Shaughnessy

/Interior Design Consultant

Born and raised in NYC Ed earned degrees in fine arts at SVA and in design at FIT. After traveling around the world for two years he returned to NYC and began working with Designers and Architects to produce custom home furnishings at his own workshops in Mexico and Bali. He also opened his first of five shops in Brooklyn, N.Y. selling his own line of hardwood furniture and working independently as an Interior Designer. His clients included many in the political, arts and financial world from the Hamptons and NJ to NYC with budgets of $25k to $1.5m.

With his approachable demeanor Ed expertly juggled personalities, design issues and project management while maintaining a high taste level. Drawing on his upbringing and work experience in NYC and abroad he excelled in the competitive design world of NYC. Ed strongly believes that the magic of design is in the edit and prefers to believe that God, not the devil, is in the details.


  • Inspired design and expert project management skills drawing on his broad experiences and observations from NYC and around the world.
  • Ed specializes in clean lined modern interiors with touches of Art Deco, Mid Century Modern and Brutalism used in a tight edit throughout the home.
  • Ed’s by no means a design dictator but rather invites his clients to live their dreams through good design.


Instagram: ScanDesignNorthMiamiBeach
Days off: Wednesday, Tuesday & Wednesday

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