Contura 2080 Recliner


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Designed by Svein Asbjornsen with SAPDESIGN.

In his words: "My technical basis for Contura is that the chair should mirror the body’s movements while at the same time integrating good technical solutions with visual appeal and seating comfort. The piece of furniture must be well designed (like a sculpture in a room) when it is not in use. It is difficult to communicate good technical solutions without good design. The users must experience the object as visually stimulating and challenging.

Medical research shows that the best position for relaxing is with the legs higher than the heart. This takes the strain off the feet and improves blood flow to the rest of the body. It is important that the chair has joints just like the human body: neck, hip and knee. Contura is best experienced when you are at ease with your body and use the chair as an extension of the body. then you can change position from sitting to reclining and relaxing with legs up. In one smooth movement. a feeling of comfort spreads throughout the body. the comfort has become a natural part of your everyday life."

The Contura 2080 recliner is stocked in Black leather with alu base.

Dimensions: 44H x 31W x 34.5D
Seat Height - 17.75
Seat Depth - 20.5


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Type: Recliners

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