Contura 2010 Recliner - Light Grey


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This is a true zero gravity chair! Experience Zero Gravity with the most comfortable and functional recliner. Contura 2010 is known as the best Zero Gravity chair because it follows the body movements and reclines in different positions with complete stability. When the chair is fully extended, the weight is distributed evenly, reducing the pressure on the joints and muscles. In this position you reach optimal relaxation when the body is suspended with feet above the heart, allowing the body to really enjoy a weightless feeling that you will love to experience every day.

We stock the Contura 2010 recliner in Light Grey (Lamb) leather.

The Contura 2010 features a black stained base, an adjustable neck rest and upholstered arms. It is also available with padded arm rests instead in the Contura 2080 model.

Dimensions: approx. 30.25 W x 35.75 x 44 H


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