Natural Wood Top Coffee Table


One of a kind pieces from Northern Thailand. These coffee table tops are made from solid Acacia and Cassod / Ironwood - with v-shaped, black iron legs.

Choose between 3 different tops:
- Bleached Acacia
- Lacquered Acacia
- Lacquered Cassod / Ironwood.

These look great on their own, but also when bunched together. They make a great end table or small cocktail table.

Dimensions (approx.): varies as each piece is a unique work of nature.
- Bleached Acacia: 34-44 W x 34-44 D x 18 H
- Lacquered Acacia:  34-44 W x 34-44 D x 18 H
- Lacquered Cassod: 28-32 W x 20-24 D x 18 H

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