Hygge is pronounced Hu-gah

Culture is at the heart of Scan Design, from our Danish roots to the beautiful designs we bring to customers in our collection from around the world.

We talk a lot about hygge, especially this time of year. Hygge (pronounced hu-gah) is a word in the Danish culture that is used to describe a feeling or mood. It means making the ordinary, every day moments more meaningful.


Hygge is pronounced Hu-gah

Hygge is about comfort, togetherness, love and joy.

The Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. They make enjoyment a priority and take time to celebrate the simple, wonderful moments of every day. It’s about acknowledging the moment instead of just moving through it.

Give it a try.

Create Hygge at Home

Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy the moment.

• Be together. Enjoy your friends and family.
• Take in the smell of your every day cup of coffee.
• Burn a candle. Anytime. For no special reason.

• Snuggle with your family or furry friend.

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