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  • Linea Modular Shelves - White

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    • Build your ideal Linea shelving system. Simplicity is at the heart of the Linea Modular Shelves' elegant design. Create an endless number of combinations from only four models, from large wall units to beautiful room dividers. Or, if you simply need a smaller shelving unit, Linea Modular Shelves has you covered.

      Whether using a single shelf on its own or combining multiple units to create a complete wall system or room divider, Linea provides a versatile combination of open and enclosed storage. Start building your Linea Shelf system with base units 5801 and 5802, which include two end panels. Next, insert extension units 5801A and/or 5802A—which include a divider panel—to create endless configurations to fill any space.

      Fixed glass shelves float in the upper tier, ideal for a complete library or displaying a lifetime of treasures. Soft-close doors conceal an additional adjustable glass shelf, providing a convenient and concealed storage solution. Making an ideal wall system, Linea Modular Shelving can also be used to create an attractive room divider, securely anchoring to a wall on one end. A generous cut-out in the lower shelf of the cabinet allows for organized connections and out-of-sight cord management.

    • We stock the Linea Modular Shelving in unit 5801 and 5802A in Satin White. Also available in stock in Natural Walnut. Available for quick-ship Special Order in Charcoal-stained Ash.

      Units 5801A and 5802 are special order items.

    • In stock items:
      Unit 5801 - 83.75"H x 18.25"W x 14"D
      Unit 5802A - 83.75"H x 31.5"W x 14"D

      Special order items:
      Unit 5801A - 83.75"H x 16.5"W x 14"D
      Unit 5802 - 83.75"H x 33"W x 14"D

      Width examples:

      In stock:
      Combination A - 49.75"W
      Combination B - 81.25"W

      Special order:
      Combination C - 64.5"W
      Combination D - 66.25"W
      Combination E - 96"W
      Combination F - 129"W